Videonale invites artists from around the world to submit their work for the competition section of VIDEONALE.17 on the theme “Refracted Realities”.



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In optics, “refraction” refers to the bending of a beam of light, a change in direction which occurs at the moment when it passes from one medium to another. Through refraction, the light wave alters course, changing the way we perceive the objects it illuminates in the process. This optical deviation requires us to repeatedly correct our gaze, comparing the beginning and end points of our perception with reality, and bringing the object we see clearly into focus.


In its figurative sense, refraction refers to a critical reflection on the means and channels of visualization, and by extension the possibility of a rearticulation of our view of things – how they are, were, or apparently always have been. What possibilities exist to allow media in general, and artistic media in particular, to engage critically with their own dominance? What artistic strategies are currently being developed to create alternative points of view, and to integrate new perspectives? Which visual languages are available to the artist?

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All types of experimental moving-image-based works (single and multi-channel video, video installation, video sculpture, Virtual Reality) and performance projects [produced after January 1, 2016].


Submission Fee

Until May 31: 15 euros

From June 1: 20 euros

From June 15: 25 euros


The works exhibited will compete for the Videonale Award of fluentum collection, worth €5,000.

Videonale.17 - Festival For Video and time-based arts



Deadline June 30, 2018

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